Hi, I'm Deborah.

On any path worth traveling, you’ll always hit a few roadblocks. Let’s find those obstacles, and overcome them together.

What I do

Because I’ve been an educator for decades, I can understand the unique challenges each student — each person — faces. Overcoming those challenges is the real work of the teacher and the student alike. Whether we’re working on remedial algebra, or exploring above grade level, my students and I dive into the world of mathematics and physics, leaving the classroom behind.

Stanford Ph.D - Applied Physics

Wrote my thesis on ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy under William Spicer.

College Math Professor

Taught math at De Anza College in Cupertino for four years.

Private School Co-founder

Co-founded the Hausner School in Palo Alto, and served on the Board of Directors for many years.

My students are in: Elementary through high school

"I think I'd like to work with Deborah."