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Let’s make the GMAT the easiest part of your
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Finish strong.

Whether it’s a time crunch, some math amnesia, or a simple need to get it right this time,
we’re here to make sure everything goes right.

Along the way, you’ll build skills that you’ll use even after you get in.

Do it right.

Prep like an MBA

Successful businesspeople rely on focus and triage to not only do things right, but also to get the right things done.

Our method will help you grow your focus and triage skills right from the start. Because with us, you’re always doing the right work.

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Nail the details.

Initial assessment and plan

A practice test score will let me identify our first steps, and our standard and “reach” goals. (Send us an email if you need a practice test.)

Comprehensive one-on-one tutoring

We focus on removing whatever’s in your way, rather than just on explaining the material well.

In person or via video-conference

Geography and tight schedules aren’t factors for us. We’re flat-out experts at video too. So even if you’re doing this around the edges of a full-time job, we can get this done efficiently.

Meet the GMAT team (yep, just us!)

Wes Carroll

Wes Carroll

Your guide

First, let’s do logistics and strategy. You’ll begin your GMAT prep in an one-on-one intake session with me. Together, we’ll create a realistic and efficient plan for success. That focus will keeping paying off.

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Michael Schwartz

Michael Schwartz

Your tutor

Then, it’s time for high-powered tactics. You’ll do the groundwork with personal guidance and tutoring from Michael. Your growing triage skills will allow us to find unexpected paths to killer scores together.

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A bit more about my method...

Play to your strengths.

For success on this test, you need a difficult-to-achieve combination of skills: genuine content fluency, calculator expertise, pencil-and-paper expertise, analysis/close-reading skill, reliable pacing, self-monitoring, and emotion management. Whew! There’s too much there to admit a single recipe for success. What you need is expert help across all these domains. I start with a thorough assessment: What do you already know about the material? When do you like to study? Do you experience anxiety around tests? Are you attentive to detail? For how long can you concentrate without losing focus? What frustrates you most about particular problems?

You show me your preferred learning style, and then we teach you to use your natural strengths to excel.

Two experts are better than one.

Michael and I bring you different skillsets:

  1. Knitting the habits of truly successful preparation into your busy schedule
  2. Deconstructing each question so that you can bring your unique strengths to bear

You need both.

Plan early, prep wisely.

We start work 8 to 20 weeks before your chosen test date.

But we plan now.

Fill out the form below right away, so I can help you set up the right prep plan.

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