Math Competition Coaching

Make math puzzles your admissions edge.


Why do I need an edge?

Grades and tests like the SAT and ACT can show whether a student is in the top three percent.  But they don’t reliably tell where in the top three percent. Once students have good grades and high SAT/ACT scores, they should shift their focus to something like this that will set them apart.

These puzzles train students to be flexible and creative thinkers, whereas the SAT and ACT train students to be good test-takers.

Top college admissions officers know the difference.

How can Wes help?

Two decades of coaching experience.

Take advantage of my math competition coaching experience. Math puzzles have been my passion since my own high school days.

Cultivate your abilities.

Through individual meetings that focus on both the material and the individual student, I’ve unlocked the creative math potential in hundreds of students to date.

About the Tests

I specialize in three tests: the AMC 8/10/12, the AIME, and the USAMTS.
You can learn even more about these tests in this series of short videos.

You may also enjoy my math puzzle podcast.


What are these math puzzle sets?

They are collections of carefully-crafted puzzles that accurately gauge both intellectual creativity and grit in even the brightest of students, distinguishing students in the 97th percentile from students in the 99th percentile and higher.

How much time is alloted for these competitions?
They are administered over time periods as short as forty minutes or as long as a few months.
How do competitions affect college admission?
They are solicited and recognized by the most selective schools as a primary way to accurately rank students in the top percentiles.  (They are particularly helpful for girls, who are grossly underrepresented in this arena.)

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