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You should Love the wrong answer penalty!

Wes Carrol debunks the myth surrounding the wrong-answer penalty in exams. He gives a fresh perspective on why the wrong-answer penalty can actually benefit you, especially if you’re a high-achieving STEM student. Learn how to turn this misunderstood aspect of testing into an advantage for academic success.

Intro to the AMC (Dr Deborah Bedor)

Dr. Deborah Bedor, CEO of College Admission Central dives into what the AMC is, how to effectively prepare for it, and why participating is beneficial.

Hello, BATS visitor!

This video features Wes Carroll explaining his unique approach to STEM tutoring and academic coaching. Wes discusses how WCTC not only helps students overcome immediate challenges but also equips them with the tools to tackle future obstacles. The video offers invaluable insights into how specialized coaching can transform a student’s academic journey.

Memory Master: Memorize Like A Genius. Perform Like A Genius.

This video is about mastering the art of memory to excel in various disciplines, including STEM subjects. Presented by WCTC, a leader in specialized STEM tutoring, it empowers viewers to optimize their memory skills for lifelong learning and problem-solving.

Girls: Why Math Competitions Matter Even More For You

Wes explores the underrepresentation of girls in high-level math competitions, backed by MIT and NBER research. He argues that girls have a unique, untapped advantage in these contests, offering them outsized rewards and a competitive edge in college applications.

14: Where Can I Learn More? (Resources)

This video is a guide to finding resources for excelling in math competitions. Wes Carroll discusses key platforms like the Mathematical Association of America and Art of Problem Solving.

13: The Real Reason You Should Do A Math Competition

In this video, Wes Carroll debunks the myth that math competitions are solely beneficial for college applications. It offers a deeper insight into how these contests enrich learning, encouraging creative problem-solving and making math education a cohesive, exciting journey. It is ideal for both high-achievers and those seeking genuine growth in STEM.

12: What Skills Do Math Competitions Develop?

This video is about the unique skills developed through participating in math competitions, as explained by Wes Carroll. Unlike traditional schooling or test prep, math competitions foster creative problem-solving abilities. The video is a must-watch for high-achieving students seeking to diversify their skill sets beyond rote memorization.

11: An Option With No Time Pressure

This introduces the USAMTS (USA Mathematical Talent Search), a unique math competition that offers a month-long window to solve problems, eliminating the usual time pressure. Presented by Wes Carroll, it provides invaluable insights for students who love math but dislike time constraints, positioning USAMTS as an ideal option for high-achieving students.

10: Some Details About These Competitions (2)

Hosted by Wes Carroll, this delves into specific details about the competitions relevant to WCTC’s specialized STEM coaching. Offering exclusive insights, the clip enhances your understanding of how WCTC sets the gold standard in academic coaching and problem-solving, making it a must-watch for aspiring top-tier students.

09: Some Details About These Competitions (1)

Wes Carroll delves into the specifics of AMC 8, 10, and 12 tests, detailing their duration and timing. The clip provides invaluable insights for students aiming for top scores, demystifying these competitions and offering strategic tips to tackle them efficiently.

08: Which Competitions?

This video is about identifying the best math competitions for students at different grade levels, with a focus on the AMC series. Presented by Wes Carroll, it offers invaluable guidance to help high-achieving students make informed choices, ensuring they gain the most from these competitions.

07: Why competitions Are A Great Idea For You

Wes explores why participating in competitions, like the AMC 10 and 12, can set you apart in college applications. Presented by Wes Carroll, it emphasizes how competitions showcase your unique ability to think creatively and solve problems, traits that elite schools value highly.

06: Solving Puzzles For Fun And Profit

This video dives into the intriguing world of math competitions, explaining how they challenge creative problem-solving through unique puzzles. This content enriches students by emphasizing the importance of thinking outside the box—skills valuable in academics and beyond.

05: A Special Kind Of Thinking

It explores a unique approach to problem-solving, emphasizing flexible thinking over rote memorization. Ideal for students aiming for STEM excellence, the video offers valuable insights into developing a skill set often overlooked but critical for success in academic competitions and beyond.

04: Do Better Than A Great GPA

This video is about transcending a great GPA to stand out in college admissions. Wes Carroll explains why math competitions can set you apart from other high-achieving students. Watch to learn a unique way to distinguish yourself and catch the eye of admission officers.

03: How To Make Academics Enough For Admission

Wes delves into how academically gifted students can bolster their college admissions prospects. Offering unique insights, the video advocates for participation in academic competitions like math counts and AMC to provide an edge, aligning perfectly with WCTC’s mission to solve problems others can’t.

02: Why GPA And SAT Aren’t Enough

This video explores the challenges academically strong high school students face in standing out during the college admissions process. Wes Carroll of WCTC offers insights on why traditional metrics like GPA and test scores aren’t enough, urging students to find their unique edge.

01: A Secret Boost For College Admissions

This video reveals the “special sauce” for boosting college admissions chances, beyond just grades and SAT scores. Hosted by Wes Carroll of WCTC, the video provides academically strong students with an alternative edge in the admissions process, aligning with WCTC’s mission to offer specialized help to top-tier students.

Hi! I’m Wes.

Wes Carroll introduces himself and outlines his mission to enhance the potential of bright students in math, science, and self-management. He emphasizes the importance of developing both academic skills and personal effectiveness.