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I would definitively recommend you to students who are obviously exceptional. I believe that through your method you are able to elicit and develop deeper level thinking.
Doug Y.


Wes is absolutely fantastic! He figures out how your kid learns and teaches him or her the way they need to reach their goals…With Wes, she learned not only the SAT, she learned to have confidence to do her best.
Claire S.


I got into Stanford! In the past few days, I also found out that I have been accepted to Caltech, Brown, Princeton, and UC Berkeley with a scholarship. Thank you so much for all the guidance and support.
Ashish T.


We were getting help elsewhere, but her ACT scores were not improving. After getting help from Wes’s team, her scores improved to a desired level. So after ACT, we continued getting help from WCTC, and she scored 5 in that AP exam that year.

The next year, we were getting help from various other tutors, but I realized Wes’s team was what we needed, so I enrolled her with three of Wes’s tutors for AP Biology, AP Literature, and AP Physics. Long story short:  I wish I had gotten her started earlier with Wes’s team.

K. Lufthansa


(It was) the best I’ve done in a UCLA math class to date! Thank you very much for all of your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. 
Summer K.


Wes is a profoundly gifted teacher. Aside from having the requisite brilliant understanding of math, Wes is able to explain complicated and often abstract concepts in a way that respects each student’s specific learning style. What makes Wes so talented is his ability to speak many languages when it comes to math. My daughter found her meetings with Wes so inspiring and exciting that she is contemplating majoring in math in college!
Jennifer M.


Working with Wes was an all-around great experience. He was flexible, prepared, extremely knowledgeable, and able to form a connection via a computer screen. His website is super easy to navigate which helps immensely. I would recommend Wes to anyone in need of tutoring for ACT or SAT. He takes a different approach than other tutors through strategies that help distress and prepare you mentally and physically before you even have to think about the questions on the test. Thank you Wes for all your help!!
Bella F.

SAT / ACT Student

Wes is a great tutor and a great friend. I’m also a fan of his podcast, The Puzzler!. When you’ve got Wes’ brainpower, a terrific puzzle podcast is just the sort of thing you can crank out for fun, in your spare time.
Nathan Fox

Tutor, founder, Fox LSAT

Wes Carroll has a laser-sharp focus, a quick wit, and connects directly with what a student needs. If you want to increase your understanding and scores while you decrease your stress, work with Wes.
Ben Bernstein, PhD

Tutor, author of Test Success! How to Be Calm, Confident and Focused on Any Test, Test Success

Wes is magic.

Morelia C.


The Math 2 SAT Subject test help was great. But I especially appreciated the life advice. I know I can apply these new tools to boost my confidence and my success in any aspect of my academic life. Maybe even beyond.
C. Leung


I was ready to take the class again next year, and I’m so glad I don’t have to! 
Sophie C.


Nate said (Wes’s teammate) Quinn has been extremely helpful and has explained concepts that he hasn’t been able to understand since the start.

I wish we had connected him to Quinn Brodsky earlier!

L. Ching


You explain things clearly, but if I don’t understand the explanation, you explain it in a different way. And a different way again—and again. You’ll explain something five different ways if that’s what it takes for me to understand.
R. Hooper


Not only is Wes Carroll an insightful, brilliant math tutor par excellence, but he is hands down the best long-distance teacher I know. I don’t know how he does it, but his enthusiasm and stage presence are even more infectious on screen than in person.
Justin Sigars

Tutor and co-founder, Bodsat Prep

With Wes, [my daughter] learned not only the SAT, she learned to have confidence to do her best. He is worth every penny and he teaches kids responsibility and goal setting. Wes thank you for your passion and expertise!
Claire S.


Wes is an excellent tutor. If you use his courses or private sessions, you will only see results. Using Wes, I was able to raise my SAT II MATH 2 score from a 660 to an 800 and my SAT Physics from a 630 to a 750.
Christopher R.

SAT Subject Test Student

He received an 800 on the Math 2 Subject Test and then applied your study methodology to study on his own for the Physics Subject Test and also earned an 800.
Teresa M.


I love referring students to you and your team because I know they’ll receive the very best services possible. As part of this, I also know that the students will develop metacognitive awareness, content knowledge, and study skills from the work you do with them that will help them lifelong.
Scott Cowan

College Counselor

Wes has the ironclad content knowledge vital to being a professional tutor/teacher/instructor, but he also has the (rarer) ability to understand how you understand something. Sit with that for a second…make sure that makes sense because it’s absolutely essential to high-value tutoring. Wes knows if you understand something or if you don’t. If you don’t, he will (instantaneously) devise another way of explaining it to you, via metaphor, via comparison, via personal experience… whatever method that will resonate with you. Guess what happens next? Yep: you understand it.

Ted Dorsey

Tutor, Tutor Ted

(Yours) was the highest rating this summer among our visiting teachers.
M. Debowsky

Program Director, Canada/USA Mathcamp

…working with Wes, students rocket-launch their math scores and even increase their eagerness to excel at highest altitudes. Wes’s enthusiasm is infectious, his efficiency in teaching enormously productive, and his service as a role model for what an ambitious student can achieve priceless. I count on him to help make dreams come true for my brightest academic stars.
Scott Cowan

Tutor, founder, SF Learns

Simply put, there is no better private teacher of mathematics and SAT prep for students of exceptional ability in the entire San Francisco Bay Area than Wes Carroll.
Chris Borland

Academic Coach, Borland Educational

Wes has worked his magic with me and all of my siblings over the past 10+ years. Wes has helped my siblings and me prepare at various times for the SAT, GRE, and GMAT. Wes knows math and can help teach math – beyond that Wes is wonderful at helping his students change how they think through problems. Wes won’t just show you how to solve problems, he’ll let you delve into problems, let you get overwhelmed and help you when you run into roadblocks. He’ll make sure that you go into whatever you are studying for with a well thought out and practiced strategy that is tailored to the way your mind works – in other words, working with Wes helps you improve not only your knowledge but your self-confidence.
Alex M

GMAT / GRE Student

My son takes his exam next Saturday, but I wanted to write my review before then because I sincerely feel that the benefits of his time with Wes go beyond the score on any one test. (But I would also like to point out that my son’s first practice test was a 590 and now he is testing at a 790. So, nice job, Wes!)
Parent from Sebastopol


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