AMC "Supercharger" Workshops

Give yourself an admissions edge:
Qualify for the AIME.

Practice with a few true peers in a collaborative environment.

Start strong.


Students overcome obstacles they didn’t realize were there, because they see them in peers. They share ideas, insights, and struggles with high-caliber peers.


You’ll never get lost in this workshop. A student limit of eight students per workshop and a participant-guided curriculum means that everyone gets my personal attention and expertise.


Few things are as powerful as observing someone else make “your” mistake. When “blind spots” prevent progress, Superchargers can unstick you.

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I specialize in three tests: the AMC 10/12 and the AIME in the spring, and the USAMTS in the fall.

You can learn even more about these tests in this series of short videos.

You may also enjoy my math puzzle podcast.

A qualifying score may be just a few workshops away.

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Learn more about...

Math Competition Coaching

Experience the joys of elegant solutions and personal expertise even before you learn to drive.

(Math competitions also provide students with unique avenues for entrance into some of the best schools in the country.)

Academic Assistance

Get more out of of tough homework and exams, even in advanced courses like APs and IBs.

Online Video Courses

Get in-depth preparation, everywhere and anytime (SAT Math 2 only, for the moment).

SAT 2 Subject Test Prep

Let us help your student get perfect scores on the Math 2 and Physics Subject Tests.


Let us help your student go beyond acing exams, and start thinking like an expert.