Preparing for your Intake session

Excellence takes preparation. Here’s everything you need to get the most out of our time together.
Questions? Call or email any of us (our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ).

Parent to-do’s (Logistics)


Please order the following materials before our first meeting, so that we’ll have it later, when we need it:

Student to-do’s (Homework)

Things to bring/email

Please have the student scan and email the following materials in advance of our meeting, by following the “Scanning and emailing” instructions below.

  • Name of relevant textbook (or equivalent)
  • The class syllabus and related material
  • A recently graded and returned test or quiz
  • If applicable, an upcoming homework assignment that the student has had trouble completing
  • Any conceptual questions that the student has encountered this year and for which he or she hasn’t gotten a satisfying answer

Please also feel free to bring any and all relevant questions and concerns to our first meeting.

Scanning and emailing

Before each session, please send your tutor multi-page, color PDFs containing your homework.

To make this easy, please download our recommended scanning tool, TurboScan by piksoft (iOS download / Android download).

Then watch this three-minute tutorial to set it up and configure it to work properly for our purposes.

Other questions?

We know that this is a lot to take in. We do this in order to give you our best from the very start.
(And, we admit, to help us understand whether we can count on you to read our directions.)

Questions? Call or email any of us. Our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ.

Together, we’ll stay on the path to success at every turn.