Located far from us?

Need more scheduling flexibility?

Not a problem.

We meet with students from all over the world via face-to-face video sessions.
Once you know how to do it right, video feels just like in-person
…except that we also have instant access to the resources of the entire internet.

How it works

It’s important to note that these sessions are face-to-face and one-on-one, just like the tutoring you’re used to.
Yes, remote tutoring really is just as good (or even better!), now that the technology is finally mature.

We’ve spent years making our online sessions seamless. Here is some of what we’ve learned.

  • Together we use Zoom, an app with excellent screen-share and whiteboard capabilities.
  • We’ve built an extensive PDF library, so we can have your book on our shared screen.
  • Imagine a Khan Academy where you’re in charge. You send us scans of your work before each session, and we handle the details, writing and annotating on-screen for you as we think and talk together.

Once you’re set up, a single click brings you to our private online meeting space. After each session, we send you the recording of the session so you can review and study whenever you want.

Some advantages of remote sessions


  • Review easily by re-watching any part of a recorded session 
  • Save time by skipping the commute
  • Maintain momentum by working together even when you’re traveling
  • Book flexibly by not having to factor in commute time