AP Support

Earn your “5”. Earn college credit. (And really understand the material.)

AP Exam support for all STEM subjects, including…

  • AP Calculus (AB & BC), AP Physics (1, 2, & C)
  • AP Chemistry, AP Biology
  • AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics
  • AP Computer Science

Excel, even in the midst of change.

The new (2020) AP test guidelines emphasize thorough understanding. That has always been our focus.

Less stress.

We make sure you’re not just cramming, but understanding the material in time for the big exam.

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Do the right thing. Do the thing right.

Initial assessment and plan

Acing AP tests starts with really understanding the basic concepts. We figure out what you’re missing, then help you fill the gaps.

Comprehensive one-on-one tutoring

When you understand the main ideas, and work a little ahead of the rest of the class, you get a lot more out of your class’s final review. And you enjoy it a lot more, too.

In person or via video-conference

Geography and tight schedules aren’t factors for us. We’ve made ourselves flat-out experts at delivering great value via video too.

The right prep is just one click away.

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What if I already have an A?
Well, first off, congratulations! Well done, particularly on such a challenging course.

A good question to ask yourself at this point is: does the material seem obvious, or are you mostly repeating back techniques and formulas? Usually, it’s a mix of both.

So let’s work together to make every part of the course crystal-clear in your mind.

What do sessions look like?
Whatever you need them to. We can help you work ahead; we can answer your questions; we can even help you come up with the questions you ought to be asking. That’s one of the benefits of one-on-one work: we do whatever you need and want.
When can I expect to see results?
After the very first session, you’ll understand the current material better; you’ll enjoy class more; your grades will start rising. Guaranteed.
Do I really need help?
Maybe, maybe not. After you arrive at college, and place into advanced classes because of your AP work, are you at risk of feeling lost?

The alternative is to have such a clear understanding of the AP material that advanced classes feel interesting, challenging, and doable.

It’s not just about whether you get AP credit. It’s also about whether you then really, really know what you’re doing. This is where we can help much more than most.

Wes Carroll

Math, Physics & AMC Tutor

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Available worldwide via videoconference

Math Competition Coaching

Experience the joys of elegant solutions and personal expertise even before you learn to drive.

(Math competitions also provide students with unique avenues for entrance into some of the best schools in the country.)

Online Video Courses

Get in-depth preparation, everywhere and anytime (SAT Math 2 only, for the moment).

Academic Assistance

Get more out of of tough homework and exams, even in advanced courses like APs and IBs.

SAT Subject Test Prep

Let us help your student get perfect scores on the Math 2 and Physics Subject Tests.

AP STEM Support

Work ahead of the rest of the class. Learn for life. Earn your “5”.