AMC Post-Mortem

Examine the questions. Improve your performance.

Right after the official exam.

Make the most of your second chance.

An expert view

Find out about different student perspectives on their test day experience. See how students prepared up until test day and how they handled themselves on the day of. Learn the expert solutions and strategies that led to a perfect score.

A winning plan

There is no better way to improve than to analyze your recent performance with the help of an expert. I’ll give you everything you need to do better on the B exam a week later.

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About your second chance

The AMC 10/12 A is given on Feb 7. The AMC 10/12 B is given eight days later, on Feb 15.

You may take both. Your official score is the higher of the two.

If you didn’t qualify for AIME the first time, attend my Post-Mortem session, then qualify on Feb 15.

Understand the test, so that you can beat the test.

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