Preparing for your GRE / GMAT Intake Session

Excellence takes preparation. Here’s everything you need to get the most out of our time together.
Questions? Call or email any of us (our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ).

Student to-do’s (Homework and Logistics)


Please order the following materials before our first meeting:



Homework for our very first meeting

Please take the Manhattan Practice Exam linked above, carefully and exactly following the Homework process explained below.

As part of this process, you will need to create a Manhattan Prep account.  Please use a password that you will be comfortable sharing with us. 

Don’t read the Official Guide after that test. Don’t skip the directions below.

Homework process
  1. Please prepare for the test by doing whatever review you think will be most helpful. Spend between two minutes and eight hours on this, please. We trust your judgement.
  2. Please take the assigned test (see above for details). Use as much scratchpaper as you need. Clearly indicate a separate sections of the page for each problem, so that we can readily tell what scratchwork accompanies what question.
  3. Please bring the test and all scratchwork to our meeting (for video sessions, please scan and email it, by following the instructions in the next section).
Scanning and emailing

Before each session, please send your tutor multi-page, color PDFs containing your homework.

To make this easy, please download our recommended scanning tool, TurboScan by piksoft (iOS download / Android download).

Then watch this three-minute tutorial to set it up and configure it to work properly for our purposes.

Other questions?

We know that this is a lot to take in. We do this in order to give you our best from the very start.
(And, we admit, to help us understand whether we can count on you to read our directions.)

Questions? Call or email any of us. Our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ.

Together, we’ll stay on the path to success at every turn.