Your to-do list (the short version)

Excellence takes preparation. Here’s everything you need to get the most out of our time together.
Questions? Call or email any of us (our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ).

For your first session


You will prepare carefully for each of our meetings, including the first (which we call the “intake session”). Through our work together, you will reach your goals and get important lifelong skills along the way.

Who attends the intake session?

The student and our primary contact. (Typically this means: college and post-college students attend alone; middle- and high-school students attend with one or both parents, please.) 

Schedule & Location

  • Schedule all sessions, including the intake, here: (Please make sure you book an intake session first, then schedule ongoing sessions.)  After scheduling, you’ll get a confirmation email with location details and instructions.


There are some books we’d like you to order before our first session.  And before any face-to-face video conference session, we’d like you to please send your tutor multi-page, color PDFs containing your homework.

  • Please see for the complete list of what we’d like you to buy and to do, please (see “Preparing for your first meeting” and also “Scanning work for video sessions”).


Please see “Fees” in the Policies section, below.



If you find you must cancel an appointment more than 72 hours in advance, no problem: just make the change at

But if you must cancel on less notice, please call or email your tutor as soon as possible.  Cancellations made on less than 24 hours’ notice incur the full session fee. Cancellations made on 24 to 72 hours’ notice incur half the session fee. (In case of sudden illness, give us at least three hours’ notice, and we’ll exempt you.)


Our intake session

After our consultation call together, our next step is usually an Intake session.  The intake session is 85 minutes long, but is billed as two hours.  Intakes with Wes cost $800, except during a seasonal scholarship period, when it is sometimes less. In some cases, other members of the team can offer an Intake session for $500.

Please expect an emailed invoice for the full amount. Please pay this invoice online (via credit card) at least 24 hours before the meeting. We will discuss ongoing work, including cost, during our first meeting. (See also below.)

Standard (ongoing) sessions

Moving forward, we will invoice you by email approximately monthly.  Our current hourly rates are: Wes $400/hr; James and Michael $250/hr; John and Rora $200/hr.  This works out to a per-session rate of: Wes $600; James and Michael $375; Rora $300; and John $200 (because John’s sessions are shorter).

Off-hours sessions

If you ever need a session at a time not listed on the schedule as available, please contact your tutor. If we can rearrange our schedule to accommodate you, we will. Such sessions incur an additional fee; we typically bill at time-and-a-half for such sessions.


Our expectation of excellence goes both ways. So, if you don’t feel we’re doing great work towards your goals, get in touch within 72 hours of your last session. It won’t be charged, or will be refunded in full, as appropriate.

Ongoing sessions (student only)

Cadence of ongoing sessions

During your intake session, your tutor will recommend a meeting cadence for our work together.

How to schedule ongoing sessions

Please first set up your scheduling account at Then bookmark for creating, editing, and viewing your appointments.

Note: families book themselves on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you book you sessions far into the future in order to reserve your preferred slots.

Tracking your progress

If your goal involves a test score, then we’ll give you the link to a custom Score Log on which we’ll track your progress.
Ask your tutor if you don’t have that link by your second session.


We know that this is a lot to take in. We do this in order to give you our best from the very start.
(And, we admit, to help us understand whether we can count on you to read our directions.)

Questions? Call or email any of us. Our contact info’s at the bottom of our FAQ.

Together, we’ll stay on the path to success at every turn.