SAT Math 2 "Supercharger" Workshops

Give yourself an admissions edge:
Get an 800 on your next exam.

Practice with a few true peers in a collaborative environment.

Start strong.


Students overcome obstacles they didn’t realize were there, because they see them in peers. They share ideas, insights, and struggles with high-caliber peers.


You’ll never get lost in this workshop. A student limit of eight students per workshop and a participant-guided curriculum means that everyone gets my personal attention and expertise.


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The best prep for serious students.

Many universities now require applicants to ace the Math 2 SAT Subject Test. But the “Math 2” challenges your critical thinking skills in ways that most other standardized tests (and most math classes) do not.

Truly expert preparation for this specialized test is hard to find, but it’s often the essential “missing piece” standing between a student and a perfect score.

About the programs

My diagnostic tests, classes, and private programs all start well before every testing period.

Please plan early, so that you can prep wisely.

2019-2020 Supercharger sessions are full.

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