Memory Master coaching

Excellent memory isn’t actually inborn. It’s a learnable skill. This program empowers you to achieve higher performance in a wide range of disciplines, including STEM subjects. The benefits will last a lifetime.

The initial session builds the entire foundation, and costs $250.
Rora’s continued coaching will help you refine the skill even further.

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Achieve extreme fluency

Why is memorization important?

Geniuses instinctively drive to achieve complete comfort with the material they’re studyingMemorization is the core of such fluency.

Most students do it wrong.

Many students rely on ineffective and outdated memorization tools. As a result, they work inefficiently, ineffectively, and ultimately unsuccessfully. The difference between common practices and best practices often constitute a 10x difference in outcome. That’s not a typo.

What does memory mastery feel like?

You can memorize anything you need to quickly, easily, and permanently. Maybe even more important: you also know what to memorize in order to achieve your best performance.

Our core

Spaced repetition (SR) is a recently-developed memorization technique based on validated neuroscience research. It uses specially-prepared flashcards presented over carefully-controlled intervals of time. 

So, flashcards?

With spaced repetition, a student learns far more, far faster, with far less effort. They remember for much longer (even permanently). This isn’t an “improvement.” It’s a sea change. Our program uses your choice of an app called Anki, or physical cards and commonly-available support materials.


Use proven best practices


Get personal expert help

Built for you

At the workshop, you and our memory coach Rora Brodwin will select and set up your SR platform. You will please come prepared with either index cards or the Anki desktop app (either of which we will help you set up from scratch). 

Learn the technique and the habits

You will learn the secrets of creating SR-compliant flashcards and how to develop your Daily Practice of memorization. It takes minutes, not hours. You will also learn how to track your progress. Results speak for themselves.

Your own coach

Rora’s sporadic checkins will keep you operating at your full potential until this powerful skill is locked in for life.

Frequently asked questions

How is the program structured?

First, we’ll briefly survey common memorization techniques and their shortcomings. Then we’ll learn about Spaced Repetition, the technical core of the program.

We’ll examine some common avoidable pitfalls among SR novices, and help you see how to avoid them. Then we’ll select and set up an SR system with you, whether through an app (Anki) or physical index cards and other commonly-available support materials.

We’ll help you establish habits that will lead to enjoyment, and thereby success, in adopting this system. We’ll guide you to confidence and comfort.

Finally, we’ll follow up repeatedly to ensure that you build a successful and sustainable memory practice that sets you apart from your peers.

What's included (and not)?

What’s included:

  • Our expertise and hands-on help getting you set up with a personalized SR system that works, that’s easy, and that you can continue to improve and expand.
  • Our guidance and coaching so that you form the necessary habits of using the system in the ways that yield compounding long-term benefits.
  • Our expertise in fine-tuning the system to reap huge, game-changing benefits instead of stopping at mere incremental improvement.

What’s not included:

  • What you want to memorize, whether that’s ten formulas for an upcoming test, 3,000 new vocabulary words, or anything in between.
  • The cards themselves; you’ll have to get either index cards or third-party software (some of which is free). We’ve vetted these options and will recommend the best path for you.
I'd like to learn more about Spaced Repetition

For more details on SR, check out our favorite SR-explainer webcomic.

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