AP STEM Assistance

Learn for life. Earn your “5”.
(And earn over $5,000 worth of college credit.)

Junior and senior years are tough.

Even if you’ve been powering through a demanding curriculum for years, the stress of junior year (or the difficulties of “senioritis”) make scoring a “5” on AP STEM exams harder than we’d prefer.

Let me help you make sure you are not just cramming, but understanding the material in this class throughout the year.

You’ll see the difference immediately. And the mathematical intuitions you gain will last not just through your undergrad career, but the rest of your life.

(The college money you’ll save by skipping freshman STEM courses won’t hurt either.)




The framework you need, for the classroom experience you want.

Framework matters.

Acing AP STEM exams start with really understanding the basic concepts. I figure out what you’re missing, then help you fill the gaps.

Make the classroom better.

When you understand the main ideas, and work a little ahead of the rest of the class, you get a lot more out of your classwork. And you enjoy it a lot more, too.

Deep enrichment or "cram school."

Some students work with me throughout the year, to make continued rich connections across the subject. Others come towards the end when the AP exam looms close. Both are welcome.

Get help for the toughest math & science courses.

My team and I cover all math and most science coursework. Our wider professional network can also serve your needs.


What if I already have an A?

Well, first off, congratulations! Well done, particularly on such a challenging course.

A good question to ask yourself at this point is: does the material seem obvious, or are you mostly repeating back techniques and formulas? Usually, it’s a mix of both.

So let’s work together to make every part of the course crystal-clear in your mind.

What do sessions look like?

Whatever you need them to. I can help you work ahead; I can answer your questions; I can even help you come up with the questions you ought to be asking. That’s one of the benefits of one-on-one work: we do whatever you need and want.

When can I expect to see results?

After the very first session, you’ll understand the current material better; you’ll enjoy class more; your grades will start rising. Guaranteed.

Incredible help is just a few questions away.

Just give us this info, and we’ll get you started ASAP.

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