Meet Michael.

For years I have successfully tutored and mentored students from basic skills to high level enrichment, in mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

What I do

I effectively tackle two of the greatest impediments to optimal learning — boredom and fear — by creating excitement, and by encouraging playfulness and confidence in my students. Drawing on my broad and deep educational and career experience, I find practical examples of interest to them, such as sports statistics, finance, or handwriting recognition.

Math and CS touch almost everything.  My students see diverse applications from cryptography to computer-driven classification to performance analysis and experimental design. With me, they discover the rich interplay among topics they know, and related new and exciting topics.

Stanford Ph.D in Mathematical Statistics

Also, Stanford MS in Computer Science; multiple awards

Co-author of multiple patents

Former principal cryptographic engineer and R&D scientist who contributed to patents for cutting edge software applications

Cryptographic Engineer

Un-crackable safeguards are unsolvable math puzzles we have to design; our digital lives depend on this

My students are in: High school through college

I charge: $300 per 85-minute session

"I think I'd like to work with Michael."