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Why take the SAT Subject Tests?


With a record number of high school students applying to universities, getting top marks on the SAT or ACT no longer guarantees placement in your first or even second choice of school.


Students need every edge they can get. The SAT Math 2, Physics, and Chemistry Subject Tests offer both the challenges and the rewards that advanced students need in order to stand out. Such challenges requires thorough preparation.

Get the right help with us.

Non-standardized tutoring.

While the SAT Subject Tests are standardized, preparing for them doesn’t have to be.

Mentoring catered to your needs.

We teach each student in the ways they most like to learn.

About the Tests

We specialize in three of the SAT Subject Tests: Math Level 2, Physics, and Chemistry



Why work with us?
There is no one recipe for standardized test success. What works for some students won’t work for others, and with tests as challenging as the SAT Subject Tests, it’s especially important to get the right help. I start with thorough assessment: I not only want to know what they already know about the topic, but also what time they like to study, for how long they can concentrate without losing focus, and what frustrates them most about particular problems. Your student will teach me their preferred learning style, and then I will teach them to use their natural strengths to excel.
Which test date should I pick?
Most students are best-served by taking the exam in October, January, or May. Get in touch so I can help you work out the best date for your student.
When should I prepare?
I recommend beginning work six to eight weeks before the target test, which means scheduling such work about three months before the test date. As each test date approaches, my schedule fills with families seeking last-minute help. Planning ahead not only avoids stress (a real score-killer), but also eliminates logistical hassles.

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