Curriculum Enrichment

Go beyond the grades.
Learn to solve problems like a mathematician.


When the classroom isn’t enough

You have a bright student. Through the years you’ve seen them go (far) beyond the rest of class. Sometimes even their teachers have trouble keeping up.

And that’s when it happens…the plateau: that dreaded point where there’s nothing left to learn from class, leaving you and your student waiting for a challenge right when he or she should be meeting it head-on.

We will take you to the next step.

A perfect head start.

We’ll prepare your student for college-level STEM courses, giving them the broad and deep foundation they need to be successful with more advanced mathematics.

Go years beyond grade level.

Our enrichment program goes beyond what you can find in most high schools, covering material commonly found in AP, IB and college coursework.

Long term goals, short term rewards.

When your student’s a natural at STEM, there’s no need to sweat the tests.


Why is enrichment necessary?
You know your child better than anyone else; if you think they aren’t being challenged in the classroom, you’re probably right. A lack of obstacles can stifle progress and negatively affect a student’s passion for learning, even in STEM, AP, and IB courses. New challenges keep students’ interests focused, and deepen their understanding of math and science.
When should I consider enrichment sessions?
Students most benefit from enrichment after they’ve discovered an interest and aptitude for math and science. This can happen at any time from kindergarten to high school or even beyond.
When can I expect to see results?
Enrichment sessions are not focused on any particular test or competition. These sessions are a long-term investment in your student’s understanding of math and science. We aim to get them to a point where their comprehension is so deep and broad that any further test preparation would be redundant.

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Math Competition Coaching

Experience the joys of elegant solutions and personal expertise even before you learn to drive.

(Math competitions also provide students with unique avenues for entrance into some of the best schools in the country.)

Online Video Courses

Get in-depth preparation, everywhere and anytime (SAT Math 2 only, for the moment).

Academic Assistance

Get more out of of tough homework and exams, even in advanced courses like APs and IBs.

SAT Subject Test Prep

Let us help your student get perfect scores on the Math 2 and Physics Subject Tests.

AP STEM Support

Work ahead of the rest of the class. Learn for life. Earn your “5”.