Say NO to ROPO (in private education)

Return On Planned Obsolescence (ROPO), I have recently learned, is basically the extra money Apple gets when people buy a new phone while their old still works perfectly fine, but just doesn’t have the newest bells and whistles. It can also refer to extra money netted...

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Cheating on the SAT

The thing I can't get out of my head when I read this NYT article on kids paying other kids to take the SAT for them is simply this: All they charged was $3600? Cripes, that's a bargain at ten times the price. Don't get me wrong: you shouldn't cheat, both because it's...

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A different kind of “underserved”

What if the 32nd individual on the planet to achieve a nuclear-fusion reaction were only 14 years old? It's not science fiction. And the article about it makes the insightful point that the most underserved students in the country are those at the...

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