Dear Wes

We wanted to share some great news. (My son) presented 3 posters at the (large conference) in (major city) last week.  One of his posters on (interesting math topic) got selected as one of the top posters and he was invited to present it formally at the Abstract session. (My son’s) confidence in math because […]

Test Anxiety

Students suffering from test anxiety often make things worse by misunderstanding the nature of successful preparation work. They think: “my goal is to have new knowledge and new techniques.” But that’s wrong. The right goal is to have new habits. Under pressure, all people follow their habits.  So if you don’t have new, well-established, constructive […]

“Test Day Jitters”

“Test day jitters” manifests as “the problems were hard!” when what’s really going on is “I’m not quite as capable when I’m nervous / amped up / in the spotlight.” The biggest barrier to addressing this issue is misunderstanding what’s really going on.