The AMC vs The Usual Tests and Grades

This blog, also hosted on Substack, is where I share what I’ve been discussing, writing, and reading in the realms of academic and cognitive development for gifted high schoolers in specific, and education in general. My tutoring and coaching practice is centered around the idea that gifted students usually get the short end of the […]

Recent AMC changes

…and how some ambitious students can reap huge benefits There have been some major shifts in the college admissions landscape over the last few years. These shifts have changed the value of the AMC for certain students, and they have also changed how a student should prepare. Brief recap: what’s the AMC? It’s an annual […]

A few thoughts about the ACT/SAT

If you’re heading to college, you’re almost certainly going to take the ACT or SAT at least once. I’d like to set the record straight on a few things so that we can all minimize unproductive time and effort, especially in light of the fact that most students take these tests during school years that […]

Learning vs. Education: The Distinction That Really Matters

Learning vs. Education: The Distinction That Really Matters

Learning. Education. At first glance, the two might seem interchangeable. We certainly use them that way. After all, both relate to gaining knowledge and skills, don’t they? What’s the first thing on your mind when you hear ‘Education’? You think classrooms, textbooks, strict curriculums. Learning, on the other hand, provokes a broader, more organic sense […]