If you are planning to apply for a graduate program in mathematics, the GRE Math Subject Test is one exam that stands in your way. Unlike any other math exam you have taken, this is a high-stakes, high-pressure, high-difficulty test covering a wide range of topics from calculus to abstract algebra.

It is not enough to know the formulas and theorems. That’s easy. It’s the application of these principles to complex and unfamiliar problems in a limited amount of time that makes this so wrenchy.

There’s a new format for the test

The GRE Math Subject Test moved to a computer-delivered format in September 2023. Among others, this has meant changes like:

  • No more paper and pencil. You will take the test on a computer either at a test center or at your home.
  • No more fixed sections. You can skip, review, and change your answers within the allotted time.
  • No more experimental questions. You will only answer questions that count towards your score.
  • Faster score reports. You will receive your official scores within 8–10 calendar days after the test.

These changes are intended to make the test more convenient, flexible, and efficient for test takers. However, they do nothing for the difficulty of the test. You will still need to prepare well and demonstrate your knowledge of mathematics at the undergraduate level.

And it’s not easy.

The challenge  of the GRE math subject test

The GRE Math Subject Test is not a test of memorization but of understanding and application. You need to grasp the concepts and theorems behind the formulas and definitions and know how to use them in various situations.

This is a test of your math foundation

You need to have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts and theorems of various branches of mathematics like real analysis, linear algebra, number theory, and topology. You have to be ready to face challenges that span across different domains or require novel approaches.

The GRE math test is time-limited

You are in a race against time. You have only 2 hours and 50 minutes to tackle 66 questions that test your knowledge and skills. You can’t afford to waste a single second or make a careless mistake. You have to be sharp and accurate while dodging traps and tricks. This is a challenge, and you have to prove yourself.

The test is competitive

Your score reflects your performance relative to the average of the test-takers in your testing year. This is called the percentile rank. The test is also equated, which means that your raw score is converted to a scaled score that is comparable across different test editions.

The GRE Math Subject Test demands intensive preparation and practice. You cannot rely solely on your previous math courses or textbooks to prepare for this test. You need to review all the topics covered by the test and get familiar with the format and style of the questions. You need to practice solving problems under time pressure and learn from your mistakes and weaknesses.

This isn’t something you can effectively do on your own.

You need someone to show you the best way forward

What you need is a third party who is as invested as you are and qualified to help you. You need a tutor.

With a tutor, you get:

  • personalized guidance and feedback from someone who knows the test inside and out.
  • access to high-quality materials and resources tailored to the test content and format.
  • to practice with realistic and updated questions that reflect the current trends and standards of the test.
  • to improve your skills and strategies in all areas of the test, from algebra to topology.
  • to boost your confidence and motivation and reduce your stress and anxiety.

Any tutor can give you these, but if you are aiming for genius-level scores, the best schools, and the most rewarding careers, what you need is a tutor who can inspire you, and challenge you. You need a tutor who can teach you not only the content but also the skills and habits of successful learners. You need a tutor who can transform you from a student into a master.

We can do that with you

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If you just want to pass the GRE Math Subject Test, then by all means, look around. Any tutor will do.

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