Gentle readers: It’s been a busy autumn.

* The math team is doing quite well; we have 44 points out of 60 on the CAML moving into the third round (yes, that’s very good, and yet we’re only just getting going)

* SAT prep is going well as always, but the new development is that our administrative staff is kicking in the afterburners, so it’s getting to be a smoother process for students and parents alike — thank goodness for administrative staff

* My private students are really flourishing this year. Highlights from this week alone: an eighth-grader working on really grokking the idea of proof by contradiction with incredible success, and a sixth-grader using modulus and congruence to show that there are no perfect squares in the infinite sequences 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, …

* Did I mention that the math team scored their first perfect score this week? I’m so proud of them.

Meanwhile, I’m having some trouble with some side-projects, not least of which trying to figure out how to decorate my apartment. Who knew that it could be so hard? I’d rather prove that the square root of seven is irrational, thanks. Ah, well.


Sometime soon I’ll have time to comment on such things as the recent backlash against SAT prep in general. If only they knew that the proper objection is to the charlatans. (Sadly, that’s most of the market. Sigh.)