You’ve taken the AMC exams, one of the most prestigious and rigorous math competitions in the world. You’ve solved complex and creative problems that tested your mathematical skills and intuition. But now, you’re wondering: How did I do? What is a good AMC score, and what does it mean for my future?

For one thing, the answer to that question depends on the level and version of the exam you took, your goals, and your journey to this point. We’ll go into these more deeply, as well as what it would take to master your maths skills and achieve your full potential.

AMC 8: This is the foundation

The AMC 8 is the first step. It tests your grasp of conceptual connections that are essential for further success on the AMC (and beyond). Imagine you are building a pyramid of advanced math problem-solving skills; the AMC 8 helps you create a strong and wide base.

How do you know if you have done well on the AMC 8?

A score below 10 out of 25 is actually fine. It means that you can learn a lot by slowing down, trying again, and reading solutions. A score of 10-15 points out of 25 means you are comfortable with many of the fundamentals. A score of 16-20 points means you have mastered most of the fundamentals and are ready for more complex problems. A score of 21-25 suggests that you should be beginning preparation for the AMC 10 if you haven’t already.

Remember, math “brilliance” is not an innate ability. It’s a skill that can be practiced and built. All you need is the ambition to keep working, and the expert resources to build with. The AMC 8 is the first step in a long and rewarding journey, not an end in itself. Think of it as a risk-free way to evaluate your skills honestly and expertly, something you can then use to further hone your strengths and more comfortably work with (or work around) your weaknesses.

This is the beginning of a journey that is limited only by your ambitions and willingness to critically examine your own thought processes.

The AMC 10/12: The gateways to the AIME

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 test your skills in algebra, geometry, number theory, combinatorics, probability, and more. They are also the gateway to the International Mathematical Olympiad, the ultimate high school math competition.

The maximum score on the AMC 10 and AMC 12 is 150 points, but almost no students achieve that. A common realistic initial target is 90 (75) points on the AMC 10 (AMC 12). Your final target will likely be 120 (100) points on the AMC 10 (AMC 12) since these are the historical cutoffs for qualifying for the next round, the AIME.

The average score on the AMC 10 is around 60 points, and on the AMC 12 is around 50 points. So, if you score above these averages, you are already doing better than most students who take the test. But how do you get a standout AMC score?

You need a lot more than just basic math knowledge. There is an art to solving complex and diverse problems that require intuition, logic, creativity, and strategy. To find patterns and shortcuts that can save you time and effort. It’s not just practice, practice, and practice some more. Instead, it’s analyze, analyze, analyze your work: what did you do? what could you have done instead? how could you have known that at the time? This is how the best available resources and strategies benefit you most.

In other words, not all practice is created equal. Problems that are too easy can give you false confidence; problems that are too hard can demoralize you. Aim to practice in a way that tests you and stretches you to your limits. Then analyze your performance. This kind of deliberate practice is the secret to mastering these skills (and many others as well).

Deliberate practice is a skill that requires training and guidance. You need someone who understands what you’re going through and how to help you improve. An exceptional coach who can tailor your sessions to your specific needs and goals; someone who can not only explain concepts clearly, provide paths forward, and motivate you to keep going; but who is also focused on building your skills and confidence.

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This might be math, but numbers aren’t everything

Mathematics is a beautiful and rigorous discipline that rewards those who can solve challenging and elegant problems. However, mathematics is also more than just numbers and formulas. It is a way of thinking, a way of exploring, and a way of expressing yourself.

When you take the AMC 10/12, you might be tempted to judge yourself based on your score or percentile. You might compare yourself to others and feel discouraged or disappointed. You might think that your performance on one exam defines your mathematical ability and potential.

But this is not true. Numbers are not everything. They are just one way of measuring your progress and achievement, but they are not the only way. Many other factors matter more than numbers:

Your progress

How did you get to where you are now? What obstacles did you overcome? What mistakes did you learn from? What successes did you celebrate? Your journey is unique and valuable, and it reflects your dedication and perseverance.

Your growth

How much have you improved since you started? What skills have you developed? What concepts have you mastered? What problems have you solved? Your growth is impressive and meaningful, and it shows your curiosity and intelligence.

Your effort

How hard did you work to prepare for the exam? How much time did you invest? How much feedback did you seek? How much practice did you do? Your effort is commendable, and it demonstrates your passion and discipline.

These are the things that truly matter in mathematics and life. They are the things that make you a better math student and a better person. They are the things that you should be proud of and grateful for.

So, don’t let numbers define you or limit you. Don’t let them discourage you or distract you. Instead, focus on the things that matter more than numbers. Focus on your journey, your growth, and your effort. And remember, this is not the end of your mathematical adventure, but only the beginning. There are many more opportunities and challenges ahead of you, and you have the potential and the power to achieve them.

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