A different kind of “underserved”

What if the 32nd individual on the planet to achieve a nuclear-fusion reaction were only 14 years old? It's not science fiction. And the article about it makes the insightful point that the most underserved students in the country are those at the...

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The power of the nudge

My friend and colleague Jai Flicker just posted this lovely essay on the time he knew just what to say to a student to make a big difference. His point was that one's attitude towards work matters a lot. I take away a different point: that there's more to teaching...

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What the SAT tests

What the SAT tests

I can't make this stuff up: three days after I reposted my 2012 essay in response to an article by a grown-up taking the SAT, Forbes published this article about -- you guessed it -- a (different) grown-up taking the (new) SAT. I can't resist the karmically-ordained...

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Take it like a grown-up

A few years ago, a 35-year-old took the SAT and wrote about the experience. I responded with the essay below, which I think is relevant to most academic work, not just the SAT. I posted the essay on Facebook, where a very interesting discussion ensued. Forgive me if...

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Math excellence for girls

From MIT and NBER, this just in: "...almost all girls with the ability to reach high math achievement levels are not doing so."  (Here's the paper.) The basic premise, which I believe in my bones to be correct, is that half of the very best math students in this...

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